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Proofreading and correction of all documents - PhD theses, dissertations, business documents, research papers, journal submissions, manuscripts and personal papers
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Customer comments
"I was very surprised by your speed and attention to detail. I will definitely use your services again."
Nakamura-sama, Osaka

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Simple pricing system - NO EXTRA CHARGES
There is no need to waste time waiting for complicated quotes. We have a simple pricing system based on the number of words in the document.
To calculate price we simply multiply the word count by the price per word. *

For example:
The price for a 2000-word document, in GBP = 2000 x 0.021= 42 GBP

Before starting we will give you a quote. This price is fixed and will not change, even if the document needs more work than anticipated.
If you would like to see how much your document will cost now you can get a guide quote here. (We will confirm this quote before proceeding).

Our price always includes our full 4-step proofreading process to ensure your document receives the best treatment possible.

See below for prices per word for Normal Service. For Express Service add 50%.

4.8 JPY
0.23 NOK
0.18 DKK
0.029 USD
S. Korea
30 KRW
0.039 SGD
0.021 EUR
400 IDR
0.035 AUD
0.23 SEK
0.78 TWD
3.6 ISK
0.021 GBP
0.026 CHF
0.1 SAR
(Prices in national currencies)

If your own currency is not listed here please contact us. We will send an immediate quote.

These prices apply to the majority of documents we receive, but if the document requires more than the standard level of proofreading we may charge a higher price. However, we will always agree this with you in advance.

*Minimum charge: 25 GBP / 25 Euros / 5000 JPY / 30 USD / 300 SEK
More details of short document prices

We offer great discounts in the following circumstances:

Documents over 10,000 words
We specialize in proofreading longer documents such as theses, dissertations, research papers, business documents, book manuscripts, or academic papers of all kinds. The longer the document, the lower the price.

Long documents of high English quality
These will require slightly less time for correction so we will give you a discount on the standard price. However, be assured that there will be no compromise of quality; we will still use our 4-stage proofreading process and will check your document with the utmost care.

To get your discounted quote please send us the document .


How to pay

Our preferred methods of payment are these:

  • Bank transfer- Transfer payment directly to our UK bank account. Details will be sent with the invoice.
  • MoneyGram - An easy way to send money abroad. Deposit the money at your local MoneyGram office and we collect it from ours. For more info see the MoneyGram homepage.

We usually request payment with the order. Special payment arrangements can be made for longer documents, e.g. we may request a deposit, with the balance payable after we have returned the finished work.

Deferred payment and monthly invoicing is available to regular clients, to large institutions, or by special arrangement.

Instant Quote (for documents up to 10,000 words)
For an instant quote please fill in the form below. You will need to count the words in your document using the word count tool of your word-processing software. In Microsoft Word you can find this tool under 'Tools/Word Count'.
About your Document
Normal Service
Express Service
Word Count:
(no commas)
*Minimum charge: 25 GBP / 25 Euros / 5000 JPY / 30 USD / 300 SEK

Note 1: The instant quote is a guide. If you are happy with your quote please send us your document and we will confirm the price.

Note 2: If your document is longer than 10,000 words please email us for a quote because we will offer a discount.


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