Explanation of proofread documents

Thank you for sending us your document. We will now have returned the edited form in an email to you. There are two versions of the document, ‘suggested’ and ‘changed’. ‘Suggested’ shows where all the editing changes have been made, while ‘Changed’ is a document with all suggested changes implemented.

Suggested document
The ‘suggested’ document shows all our edits in a different colour to surrounding text, so you can easily identify them. The edits are our suggestions for improvements. Making edits obviously means we must change your original text, so please read the new text carefully to make sure we have retained your meaning. If you do not wish to use an edit you can easily restore your original version  – just right-click the red text and select ‘Reject Insertion/Deletion’.

Changed document
The ‘Changed’ document includes the edits we have suggested. We recommend you read it through to ensure that the new text matches your intended meaning.  Also, it is very important that you resolve all issues mentioned in comments (see below), particularly regarding unclear areas. Until that is done, the ‘Changed’ document will not be ready for final use.

In the ‘suggested’ document you may find ‘comments’ from the editor (highlighted sections or balloons). Comments have several purposes. Usually they mean that the editor could not understand that section or that there was ambiguity. They ask the author to rewrite to clarify meaning, or they may give suggestions. They are kept short to facilitate understanding. You can easily remove comments by doing this: right-click on the comment/ select ‘remove comment’ from the menu.

 If you want to respond to comments:

* Please revise the ‘suggested’ document, with ‘Track Changes’ switched on.

* If you wish to add new text, please write it in the main body of the document directly (not in a new comment). We need to see new text in its full context in the document so that we can judge it properly.

After responding, you can return the document to us and we will check your changes at no extra charge, provided all changes are clearly visible.

We will also have  attached an invoice and would be grateful if you could settle it within 7 days. You can pay by bank transfer, credit card, or PayPal. For bank transfers, please quote the invoice number on your payment (not needed for PayPal/credit card). If you wish to pay now by credit card simply go to: https://www.anchorenglish.com/payment.htm
For details of our other easy ways to pay please visit our web payment page here: https://www.anchorenglish.com/prices.htm#howtopay

Finally, if you are submitting your paper for publication please be sure to mention that it has been proofread by an English native-speaking professional, and feel free to give our name. This will increase your chances of acceptance.

Please let us know if you have any questions about any aspect of our work.