Why use our English correction service? Here are some reasons:

  1. We are based in the UK and have operated since 1999.
  2. We only use British or American editors.
  3. You can get an instant quote NOW: 
  4. All editors are expert, experienced professionals.
  5. No credit card fees, No VAT charges: the quoted price is the price you pay.
  6. Free follow-up: after you have revised your document based on our suggestions, we will check your changes for free.
  7. 5-step correction process: we will use our unique 5-step correction process to proofread your document. All editing points will be clear.
  8. Discounts available: for long documents, e.g. theses or dissertations.

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Anchor English Proofreading is based in the UK and uses only British or American editors, who are well-qualified and professional. We have provided international internet proofreading and correction services since 1999. 

Who uses our services?
We have a wide range of customers, including large corporations, university professors, scientists, students, and private individuals, and we can proofread and correct any type of English document, whether it’s a university research paper, a thesis, a dissertation, a software manual, or just a personal letter. 

It’s easy to make mistakes when writing English, but those mistakes can be embarrassing when they appear in an important document or on your website. They can detract from the real quality of the work and may even suggest a lack of professionalism. We will find and correct imperfections of style, grammar, and punctuation, and give you a polished English document that presents a professional impression to your readers.